You bring the bread.
We got the 
Buttery Smooth
Tell us your business hours + when your team is available to work and we'll recommend the best schedule — in a couple seconds!
Optimized Week
Tailor your schedule based on what matters most. Minimizing labor cost, balancing team hours, or somewhere in between — we've got you covered.
Shifts Happen
Team members can request to cover for each other when they can't make their regular schedule. No more spamming the group chat to find replacement!
You have enough exciting stuff on your plate.
💪 Let us handle scheduling!
One-click Builder
Create the most optimal schedule with just a click of a button. Or prefill some shifts and let us figure out the rest. We'll tell you who's available to best fill any empty slots.
Roles-based Scheduling
Need 2 baristas and 1 lead for each evening shift? Specify your requirements and we'll do the matchmaking. We'll also tell you when it's not possible to fulfill the requirements.
Self-help Swapping
We'll help your team find cover when life happens. Once you approve the requests, we'll do the swap and update the schedule automatically.
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